Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Sweden

My first Swedish Christmas! Thank you for inviting us, The Lundgrens! Christmas is an Eating Marathon in Sweden. Teehee. Hubby told me that this year was a shortcut. Usually, the eating doesn't ends that early. Phew. I'm super-filled and sleepy!

Settling In

Light bulbs lightly covered in
cotton fluff. Great idea!
+Kenneth Loke admiring
the Christmas tree deco.
Merry Christmas, sweet♥
Sweet Kurt gave us each a pair
of booties. Warm, soft and cute!
Another great idea. It does release
a nice aroma when you do this.
Hubby is so into it. Therapeutic.
Hubby showing me the adorable
seat pillow for Pontus
The dining table is set!

Portraits of Bliss

Food & Beverages

Below are four parts video for each event for the evening. We started eating by 1600hrs! Taking breaks between food with gifts, Santa's visit and games.


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