Monday, August 01, 2016

Nicky Clarke: Slim Curve Straigthener

Nicky Clarke: Slim Curve Straigthener
Finally! It's delivered ((ヽ(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ))♬ No thanks to courier service, GDex, for being the 3rd party handler when my item arrived in Malaysia. This is MOST unfortunate ლ(ಥ益ಥლ) !

Super long & clunky cord!
I've gotten this deal off MySale for (◔◡◔✿) MYR80, along with my luxury towel set. Shipping fee total for both items = MYR25. Standard rate, regardless of the amount (item) you're purchasing from this website.

Unfortunately, GDex fucked +゚*。:゚+凸(◕‿◕✿)+゚ up my towel delivery. Refusing to confirm delivery to me when I found out from MySale that they (GDex) are the 3rd party handler when my item arrived in Malaysia. I went ahead to track...  (>(●●)<) The story & video here [LINK]

Now, back to my curve straigthener, it's super! My fringe curls in under 2 minutes (◔◡◔✿) - time includes plugging it - lasted almost 10 hours without hairspray and smooth!


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